CLIR Processing Fellow 2012

Twenty-twelve is summer number two for me as an archive fellow for the Dance Heritage Coalition at the Theatre Research Institute (TRI) at The Ohio State University.  Last summer’s adventure: archivist in the studio and creating an EAD finding  aid for the Bebe Miller Company archive.  This summer’s adventure: CLIR processing fellow under a CLIR Hidden Collections grant.

What is CLIR, you ask? CLIR stands for Council on Library and Information Resources.  The Hidden Collections Program funds archival projects to make accessible materials previously unknown or inaccessible and of high value to researchers and scholars.  You can check out more about this program and previously funded projects here — About the Hidden Collections Program.  At TRI I will be working with several Dalcroze archives – the Dalcroze School of Music (New York) collection, the Dalcroze Society of America collection, the John Colman collection, and the Irwin Spector collection. Tasks will range from uploading and cleaning existing finding aids to the EAD, creating new finding aids for the EAD, and processing materials for cataloguing (into EAD finding aids).  As time this summer permits, I will work with additional non-Dalcroze related dance collections, but Dalcroze is where the journey starts.

I have already completed a week of work, which I will soon post about.  A lot can (and did) happen in a week, and this is the first chance I’ve had to get the blog rolling.  For now, whet your archive appetites on the following links:

Dance Heritage Coalition —

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute  —

Theatre Research Institute Archive Project 2012 — (the blog of yet another DHC archive fellow at OSU, Tara Davis, from the very prestigious IMLS grant program)

But especially, you should check out Tara’s blog — she’s working with the materials for newly acquired the Marcel Marceau collection.

CLIR Processing Fellow 2012